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All About ZenbivyUpdated 18 days ago

What is Zenbivy?

Zenbivy is our #1 trusted sleeping bag/quilt/sheet solution for camping. Their products (including but not limited to the revolutionary Zenbivy Bed) are made of quality materials and elevate the camping experience. The Zenbivy Bed is set apart from other solutions mostly because it is completely draft-free, while simultaneously providing full mobility while sleeping. Similar to how the Haven Tent allows you to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, the Zenbivy Bed allows you to "customize" your sleep preferences even further.

To learn more about Zenbivy, please click here.

Zenbivy Shipping, Return, and Warranty Policies

As part of our ongoing effort to bring the comfort of your bed at home into the great outdoors, we have partnered with Zenbivy and have begun offering some of their products on our storefront. If you purchase a Zenbivy product (such as the Zenbivy bed), that item is subject to the shipping, return, and warranty policies of Zenbivy. For specific information on these policies, see the following pages:

To provide a streamlined returns experience, these items can still be returned on our own returns portal.

Zenbivy Sizing Guide

A benefit of the Zenbivy: it fits the Haven Tent perfectly. It's rare to come across anything perfect, but we mean it. The Zenbivy Bed comes in 3 sizes: 20", 25", and 30". While we sell all three sizes on our website, only the 25" and the 30" are compatible with the Haven Tent. See our sizing guide below:

For more sizing information, please visit the Zenbivy Sizing Guide.

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