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Black Beard FireUpdated a month ago

Black Beard Fire is our choice for all things fire. We have partnered with them to add their Fire Plugs to our Gear Room lineup. 

Black Beard Fire Plugs are the best fire starters out there. They weigh next to nothing, have a 30-year shelf life (opened or unopened), and will eliminate the need to carry or find kindling on your next adventure. These plugs work great for all situations. Keep them with you on the trail, in your glove box, and in your 72-hour emergency kit. 

Each plug burns for 8 minutes and is incredibly easy to use. See it in action here:

Unlike other items in the Gear Room, we stock the Black Beard Fire Plugs at our warehouse in Utah which means it will ship with the rest of your order.

Due to the nature of the Fire Plugs, these are final sale and non-returnable.

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