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How do content creators apply for Haven Creators Network and what are the benefits?Updated 2 months ago

To join the Haven Creators Network, content creators are invited to apply by filling out an application form. If approved, members will gain access to unique codes which enable them to earn commissions on sales made through their promotion. Furthermore, they are presented with opportunities to collaborate with the brand and receive discounts they can share with their following on social media platforms.

In addition to these benefits, members of the Haven Creators Network can also participate in the Creator Cashback Program™. Through this program, creators can receive 100%+ of their first order back, depending on the quality and type of content they submit to the brand. Creators are encouraged to create engaging and original content in various forms such as videos, images, or written reviews to promote the brand’s products.

This collaborative effort not only helps the brand to widen its reach but also enables the creators to save on their orders while making all the money back (and more) based on the content they provide. It's a win-win situation where creators are rewarded for their authentic promotional efforts and creative content.

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