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What is the Gear Room?Updated a month ago

If you love the outdoors, you've probably acquired a bunch of gear to use on your adventures. It could be a closet, shelf, tote, or even an entire room. No matter where you stash your cache, acquiring camping gear can be nearly as fun as using it. Thus, the basis for the Haven Gear Room. Here, you will find a few things we like enough to share. In addition to vetting and testing the gear itself, we've also grown to admire and trust the companies who produce them -- small businesses focused on making your time in the outdoors that much better.

We developed the Gear Room to be a one-stop shop for most of your gear needs. One of the things that drives us nuts is having to go to four or five different shops just to get the gear for a single trip. We work in tandem with these companies to bring the same prices that they sell them for, directly to our shop. That means if an item from the Gear Room is on sale on by the company, it's sale price syncs directly with haventents.com in real-time. That way, you don't need to 

Everything in our Gear Room can be purchased directly from Haven Tents and is usually shipped directly from the respective company, but in some cases, may also be shipped from our own warehouse in Utah. 

Are Items in the Gear Room Available Worldwide?

Currently, our Gear Room is only "open" to US customers. 

How do returns work with items from the Gear Room?

We’ve put significant effort into making the entire buying and returning process simple and straightforward. If you need to return an item purchased from our Gear Room, you can do so directly through our return portal. Additionally, our Backyard Demo applies to these orders, meaning you won't have to pay for the return shipping label, even if the respective companies standard return policy states otherwise.

What gear is currently available in the Gear Room?

The following gear is currently available for purchase on our website. We're always looking for cool new gear, so if you have any recommendations of gear, let us know!

Gear Available
Company Name
Zenbivy BedZenbivy
SoftTop PillowZenbivy
Dry SacksZenbivy
Compression CapsZenbivy
Fusion Flex 12 Solar PanelSunslice
FIRST CAST Travel Fly Rod v2.0 4wt - 9ftReyr Gear
FIRST CAST Travel Fly Rod v2.0 6wt - 8.5ftReyr Gear
Fly + Tool KitReyr Gear
Bare Bones XL Hammock MountAdventure Hammock Systems

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