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Answers about the Haven Rainfly

What is the difference between the standard and lightweight rainfly?

The main difference between the standard (70d) fly and the lightweight (20d) fly is the weight. You'll lose almost a pound with our lightweight option, but both have the same 4000 mm waterproofing to ensure you stay dry during the night.

What are the grommets for on the Rainfly?

The Haven Rainfly contains 4 round metal grommets on the corners. These should only be used to batten down the fly to the corner toggles to activate "storm mode". Please note: You should never attach any guyline or cord to the grommets as their place

How do the toggles and loops work on the rainfly?

Each rainfly can be rolled up and secured above your ridgeline. To do this, you will notice that your tent came with two loose toggles attached to the ridgeline. There are two main ways that the rainfly can be secured. Securing the rainfly while usin

Is my rainfly leaking?

While it is possible that your rainfly is faulty, typically we don't see issues with them. Was water leaking from one particular point or was the whole thing wet? Our rainflys are nylon-based so they can feel wet even though they are not. Here's what