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Can my dog sleep in the Haven Tent with me?🐶Updated 5 months ago

We LOVE all of our furry friends out there and encourage you to invite them into the Haven Tent with you to keep you company. A couple of things to note when doing this:

  • The Haven Tent is made for dogs, but not all dogs are made for the Haven Tent. The person who is writing this article has a small ~20 lb dog who would love to sleep with them in the Haven Tent (and has tried multiple times). Although the tent would hold up just fine, the dog likes to move and feels unstable when standing on all fours. In situations like these, there is plenty of space beneath the hammock for the dog to get cozy.
  • Make sure your dog's nails are trimmed. The Haven Insulated pad is incredibly durable, but we'd rather err on the side of caution and be safe rather than sorry. Sharp claws + air mattress = a potential disaster.
  • Ensure they are positioned in the tent correctly. Since the Haven Tent is a completely flat sleeping platform held in the air, too much mass on one side of the tent can cause you to slide toward your head, or your feet. If you are inside with the dog, we know you'd like to cuddle up next to them, but you'll probably be the most comfortable if they are at your feet to balance things out. 

Make sure to check out our blog post about hammock camping with pets. There is some great advice in there.

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