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Can I use guy lines on the corner tent loops to reduce sway?

If you are looking to reduce the sway of your hammock, use a piece of shock cord and attach it to the corner toggles on the tent body. Do not use a static cord otherwise the toggle could rip off if a strong gust of wind blows in.

Can the Haven Tent “go-to-ground”?

Yes! The Haven Tent offers versatility that will allow you to use it even when you find yourself in a place with no trees. For more information on how to use the Haven Tent in “bivy mode”, check out our blog post on the subject: https://haventents.co

Can I use a hammock stand with the Haven Tent?

We generally steer people away from most hammock stands. This is because our tent hangs slightly lower than a standard hammock. However, we have had a number of other customers who have had success with stands such as the Tensa4 hammock stand. If you

I’m not sure I want the tent. Is there a way to try it out?

Yep! If you live in the United States, go ahead and place an order for a tent on our website. Once you get it, you are able to perform a “backyard test”. A backyard test is just like it sounds - a short test where the tent is not used overnight or pu

What are the maximum weight limits on the Haven Tent?

The capacity for both tents is 285 lb or 129 kg. This is the weight that is covered under our warranty. Any additional weight could cause the tent to fail. Any damage sustained to the tent due to excess weight will not be covered. Always be sure to f

Are there any physical stores that I can buy a tent from?

As an e-commerce business, we do not have any storefronts which you can purchase tents from. However, if you live in Utah, you are welcome to stop by our warehouse in Sandy to check out and purchase a tent in person. Simply send a message to [email protected]

Is there a two-person Haven Tent?

The Haven Tent, Haven XL, and Haven Safari are both only rated to hold one person. Any additional weight above what each is rated for can cause the tent to fail and void your warranty. One of the main reasons we don't have a two-person hammock is tha

Does Haven Tents have an affiliate program?

We do! To apply for the program, head over to our affiliates page. There, you will find information on the perks that come with joining. If you have any questions, message us at [email protected]

What does my Haven Tent come with?

Your tent will come with everything you need to ensure a great night's sleep:. Make sure to check out all of our other accessories before placing your order!. Looking for lighter options? Choose, "Lightweight Fly" when checking out. Also, check out o