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Can I use guy lines on the corner tent loops to reduce sway?

If you are looking to reduce the sway of your hammock, use a piece of shock cord and attach it to the corner toggles on the tent body. Do not use a static cord otherwise the toggle could rip off if a strong gust of wind blows in. Please keep in mind

Can the Haven Tent “go-to-ground”?

Yes! The Haven Tent offers versatility that will allow you to use it even when you find yourself in a place with no trees. For more information on how to use the Haven Tent in “bivy mode”, check out our blog post on the subject, "Going to Ground". Yo

Can I use a hammock stand with the Haven Tent?

We generally steer people away from most hammock stands. This is because our tent hangs slightly lower than a standard hammock. However, we have had a number of other customers who have had success with stands such as the Tensa4 hammock stand. If you

How can I test or try out a Haven Tent?

If you live in the US, go ahead and place an order and be sure to check the box at checkout to include our Backyard Demo - Free Returns and Shipping Protection with your order. This will allow you to get a tent and try it out within 60 days. If you d

What are the maximum weight limits on the Haven Tent?

The capacity for both the standard Haven Tent and the Haven XL is 285 lb or 129 kg. For heavier campers, we recommend the Haven Safari, which has a weight rating of 350 lb or 158 kg. These are the weights that are covered under our warranty. Addition

Are there any physical stores that I can buy a tent from?

We do not currently have any storefronts which you can purchase tents from in the USA. However, if you live in Utah, you are welcome to stop by our warehouse in Sandy to check out and purchase a tent in person. Simply send a message to support@havent

Is there a two-person Haven Tent?

The Haven Tent, Haven XL, and Haven Safari are both only rated to hold one person. Any additional weight above what each is rated for can cause the tent to fail and void your warranty. One of the main reasons we don't have a two-person hammock is tha

Does Haven Tents have an Affiliate/Influencer/Creator Program?

We do! To apply for the program, check out the Haven Creators Network. There, you will find information on the perks that come with joining. If you have any questions, send us a message. We also recommend checking out our Content Buy-Back Program. Th

What does my Haven Tent come with?

Your tent will come with everything you need to ensure a great night's sleep:. Make sure to check out all of our other accessories before placing your order!. Are you looking for lighter options? Choose, "Lightweight Fly" when checking out. Also, che

Are the tents fire resistant?

Yes! All of our tents are CPAI-84 tested and treated with ammonium polyphosphate.

Key Features and Models

The Haven Tents Lay-Flat Hammock is a game-changer in outdoor sleeping comfort. Unlike traditional hammocks that leave you curled up and uncomfortable, our hammock is designed for a completely flat sleeping experience. It achieves this with cutting-e

Assembly and Usage

Assembling your Haven Tent Lay-Flat Hammock is a breeze. Simply connect it to two anchor points, inflate your pad, and insert the spreader bars. If you choose to attach the rainfly, it does so seamlessly using the same anchor points as your carabiner

Safety Guidelines

Ensuring your safety while using our hammocks is paramount. We advise users to exercise common sense and avoid hanging the hammock more than 24 inches above the ground. This precaution helps minimize the risk of potential injury caused by a fall.

Does Haven Tents use PFAs in their products?

No, we do not utilize PFAs in our products for waterproofing. Instead, we employ polyurethane—a thin adhesive layer that bonds with the fabric's fibers. This not only renders the material waterproof but also enhances its durability. Most notably, pol

Cleaning Your Haven Tent

If your Haven Tent is dirty, congratulations! That means you are probably out in nature getting some use out of it. That said, it is important to keep your tent clean and well-maintained to extend its life on it. Here are some tips to keep in mind wh

Lost or Broken Items and Parts

We get it -- sometimes you forget a piece of your gear or it breaks while you're using it. We've got you covered. If a component or other part of your tent breaks unnecessarily while you are using it, send us a message. We have replacement parts that

What is a Haven Second?

In short, the Haven Second is a tent that has been lightly used and/or repaired that we sell for a reduced price to reduce waste and give them another chance at life. Haven Seconds come in every model of our tents -- Haven Tent, Haven XL, and Haven S

Haven Tents Contact Information

Need help with something or just want to chat about our awesome gear? Here's how you can get in contact with us:. Email. The best way to contact us is via email through our form on our website. You'll generally get a response within 1 business day of

Can my dog sleep in the Haven Tent with me?🐶

We LOVE all of our furry friends out there and encourage you to invite them into the Haven Tent with you to keep you company. A couple of things to note when doing this:. Make sure to check out our blog post about hammock camping with pets. There is

All About Zenbivy

Zenbivy is our #1 trusted sleeping bag/quilt/sheet solution for camping. Their products (including but not limited to the revolutionary Zenbivy Bed) are made of quality materials and elevate the camping experience. The Zenbivy Bed is set apart from o