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Lost or Broken Items and PartsUpdated 7 months ago

We get it -- sometimes you forget a piece of your gear or it breaks while you're using it. We've got you covered.

If a component or other part of your tent breaks unnecessarily while you are using it, send us a message. We have replacement parts that we can send you. 

Important Notes About Components

  • Spreader Bars: If you grab or pull your spreader bar while you are inside of the tent, it will probably bend or snap in half. It's important to note that the spreader bars are not load-bearing and thus, once in place, should not be touched. If you need to move around the tent when you are inside, grab onto the ridgeline instead. If you do happen to fall victim to a busted spreader bar, let us know and we can send you some new ones.
  • Tree Straps: Keep your straps stored away from moisture or sharp objects when using them, or when you are not using them. These straps are designed to hold a lot more weight than you probably weigh (unless you are a 2,000 pound gorilla) so you shouldn't need to worry about them not holding you. That being said, any tear in the strap or foreign contaminant (i.e. tree sap) can potentially degrade the material and cause it to fail. Always make sure you are hanging low enough to the ground so that in the unlikely event that your strap fails, you won't get hurt. 
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