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Key Features and ModelsUpdated 4 months ago

Key Features of the Haven Tent

The Haven Tents Lay-Flat Hammock is a game-changer in outdoor sleeping comfort. Unlike traditional hammocks that leave you curled up and uncomfortable, our hammock is designed for a completely flat sleeping experience. It achieves this with cutting-edge technology that provides incredible stability and support. This design allows you to sleep comfortably on your back, side, or stomach, just like in your own bed.

Made from durable materials, the standard model uses ripstop nylon, ensuring reliability in various conditions. For those seeking a more rugged and luxurious experience, the Safari model is constructed from heavy-duty 300d polyester canvas. With the choice of Forest Green, Forest Camo, and Sky Blue (standard & XL) or Sand, Southwest, Canopy Green, and Canopy Camo (Safari), you can pick a style that suits your outdoor taste.


We offer three distinct models to cater to different outdoor preferences. All of our models - the standard, XL, and Safari models - share the same lay-flat design, with the XL and Safari providing extra space for added comfort. If you are planning on carrying the tent anywhere, you'll likely want the Standard or XL models as they pack down smaller and are significantly lighter in weight. The Safari model is designed for a more luxurious glamping experience. While it's almost double the weight of the standard and XL models, it compensates with rugged durability and a wider range of colors and styles. It also features a premium insulated pad to add to the experience.

All of the models come standard with an insulated pad, rainfly, bug net, tree straps, carabiners, guylines, and stakes. 


Enhance your hammock experience with our carefully designed accessories. The Insulated Pad Cover is a standout, offering increased insulation in your core, feet, and head, perfect for colder nights. It effectively doubles the insulation value to R8 when combined with our insulated pad. The "Works Bundle" includes the Haven RidgeLight, Whoopie Slings, and the PowerPump. The PowerPump not only inflates your pad in under 30 seconds but also functions as a power bank for your devices. The Whoopie Slings extend the hammock's tree straps, offering adaptability for different tree sizes. The Haven RidgeLight is a dimmable LED strip powered by a USB power bank, creating a warm and cozy ambiance in your outdoor haven.

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