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Do you offer any law enforcement or military discounts?Updated 8 days ago

Yes, we offer discounts for both law enforcement and military personnel as a token of our appreciation for their service. Please contact us with proof of service to get your code. We thank you for your service! See how you can prove your service below:

Verify with a .mil email address

If you have an active .mil email address, this the easiest way to verify your service. Simply send us an email using this email address when you request your discount. If this is not available, use one of the other methods below.

Acceptable documents

The document you upload depends on your military status. 

Service Members

  • Military pay stubs - Leave & Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Record briefs - ARB/ERB/ORB (US Army)
  • Reserve Activation Orders
  • Enlistment contracts


  • DD214 form
  • Driver’s License or DMV-Issued State ID with VETERAN endorsement
  • Honorable Discharge Certificate
  • NGB form 22 
  • Reserve Separation Orders
  • Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC), or Veteran Identification Card (VIC)


  • DD214 form (must show 20 years of service or the reason for discharge was retirement)
  • NGB form 22 (must show 20 years of service or the reason for discharge was retirement)
  • Retiree Account Statement (eRAS)
  • VA disability letter

Note: To request a copy of your DD214, visit the National Archives site.

Unacceptable documents

The following documents are not accepted:

  • Uniformed Services ID cards
  • CAC cards

Canadian military

Members of the Canadian military can use the following documents to verify military status. 

Documents requirements

All documents must clearly indicate your full name and whether you are a service member, veteran, or retiree. Expired documents are acceptable.

Acceptable documents

If you’re a member of the Canadian military, you can submit any of the following documents:

  • CF1 card 
  • NDI 10 card 
  • NDI 20 card 
  • NDI 60 card
  • NDI 75 card
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