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What is a Haven Second?Updated 6 months ago

In short, the Haven Second is a tent that has been lightly used and/or repaired that we sell for a reduced price to reduce waste and give them another chance at life. Haven Seconds come in every model of our tents -- Haven Tent, Haven XL, and Haven Safari.

When you order a Haven Second, you can be sure that you are receiving a like-new tent that has been hand-inspected and tested by our team. In most cases, you won't be able to tell that the tent is anything but new. 

What Comes with a Haven Second?

A tent, rainfly, insulated pad, and everything else that comes with our new tents

Limited Inventory

Because we don't get very many returns (not a bad problem to have if you ask us), our inventory of Haven Seconds is usually very limited. If there is a particular style, size, or color of Haven Second you want, but it is out of stock, you can sign up to be notified when we get them back in stock by entering your email and preference on the popup shown on this page. Please keep in mind that while we will do our best to notify you when we get more back in stock, they tend to sell very quickly and may be sold out again by the time you go to order. Our best recommendation is to simply get the size you want as soon as possible and not wait for a specific color to become available. Otherwise, you may be waiting a long time.

Final Sale

When you purchase a Haven Second, you acknowledge that it is a Final Sale and, thus, non-returnable. That being said, our one-year warranty still applies. If you have any issues with the functionality of the tent during the first year of purchase, let us know so we can help resolve it. 

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