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My RidgeLight turns on or off randomly during the nightUpdated 16 days ago

If you are experiencing a situation where your RidgeLight is seemingly randomly turning on or off during the night, chances are you do not have a defective light. Instead, you probably need to adjust the location of the power switch. Here's why:

The switch on the RidgeLight is a touch switch, meaning, it turns on or off with the touch of a finger rather than a button or other toggle. Similar to your smartphone, this switch reacts when tiny electric pulses are registered from your fingertips. Since electricity can travel through conductive surfaces, if you touch a spreader bar that is touching the switch, you will find it will turn on or off. 

More often than not, if you simply adjust the toggle to be away from all conductive surfaces, you will find that it will not keep turning on and off.

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