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The Haven Insulated Pad CoverUpdated 6 months ago

The Haven Pad Cover is the first pad cover of it's kind that is specifically designed to compliment the Haven Tent and take into account the insulation needed to stay warm in a hammock. With insulation in the feet, more insulation in the head, and the most insulation in the core, we guarantee a warm night. 

The Haven Insulated Pad Cover comes in both sizes of our tents -- Standard (78"x24") and XL/Safari (80"x30"). We also have our 1st Generation Pad Cover available for a reduced price. These pad covers will double your insulation (just like our Standard and XL current models will), but they are only available in the Standard size and work a bit differently. The Haven Insulated Pad Cover attaches easily to the pad via four corner pockets where the pad slides into, as well as two small buckles that wrap all the way around the bottom of the pad to secure it. The 1st Generation Pad Cover, on the other hand, fits over the pad like a sleeve and has a much tighter fit. In any case, all of our pad covers are guaranteed to keep you warm through the night.

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