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Can I use my own pad with the Haven Tent?

We always recommend that people use the Haven Tent with our Insulated Pad. The reason is because the pad is a critical structural component in providing the lay-flat design. Our pad is designed to fit the frame of the tent perfectly. It also utilizes

Is there going to be an XL pad cover?

We are currently in the process of making an XL-compatible pad cover. Since we want to make sure everything about the design is just right, it is taking some time to complete. We anticipate it becoming available sometime in late 2022, or early 2023.

What do I do if my pad is deflating?

It is normal for it to deflate a little bit throughout the night especially in colder temperatures as the air molecules contract. However, it shouldn't ever deflate extensively. Deflating pads are typically caused by 1) using it in colder temperature

What is the lowest temperature rating on the insulated pad?

The insulated pad is a great 3-season pad with an estimated R4 insulation rating, but many factors effect overall comfort: the quality of top quilt or sleeping bag, wind, if the rainfly is guyed out or locked down,  etc.. For serious cold-weather cam

Is it normal for my XL pad to fold?

Due to the extra width of XL tent, you may experience a slight folding in the pad. We see this most often with customers who have smaller frames. To reduce folding, make sure your pad is fully inflated. After inflating with the PowerPump or pump bag,

Do I need to use an under quilt with the Haven Tent?

Our Insulated Pad has an insulation rating of R4 and should keep you warm most of the year. In addition, we have a Pad Cover that goes over the standard size pads that will give it an additional R4 boost bringing the total insulation rating to R8 (a